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Pixieset Gallery Instructions For Portrait Sessions – DRAFT

Pixieset is a wonderful tool that I use to deliver your final edited images to you.  No more waiting on CDs or USB drives!  Once your session is complete, I will send you a link to your own personal online gallery. Your gallery will be online for 1 year, and can be password protected upon request. You can share the images to social media and order prints and other products like canvases directly from the comfort of your own home.

I highly recommend ordering prints directly through the online gallery. All prints ordered through Pixieset are provided by WHCC. WHCC is one of the leading professional print labs in the country, and they ship anywhere in the world.

*To protect my copyright, all images are watermarked for viewing and proofing purposes. When you download images or order prints, they will not be watermarked.


1) Simply click on View Collection in the email sent to you, or copy and paste the gallery link into your web browser. You will be taken to a welcome page that looks like this. If you requested password protection, you will need to enter your password here and hit enter.


At the top of the page you will find gallery folders. Click “more” in each gallery to view additional images! Top right you will see icons for Shopping cart, Favorite Album and Download Button.



Just click on the photo!  Simply hover over the “share” icon to see the options!  Sharing from the gallery helps to preserve our copyright and the quality of the image.  Please do not post low quality screenshots of photos on social media.

favorite.pngYou can select your favorite images by clicking the heart icon. In the top right corner a number by the heart indicates how many images you have marked as a favorite.


1. To purchase prints or canvases, hover over the photo you want and click the shopping cart icon.
2. A list of options will pop up and you may select the size of print and quantity you want.
3. When you are ready to finalize your purchase, simply click the cart in the upper right corner of the screen and follow through just like any other online purchase.
*Prints will be mailed to you within 5-7 business days.




Important! Pixieset sells many print sizes and your photos will not fit every print size. When you order a print, your photo will most likely be cropped to fit the specific size. You will have the chance to adjust the crop before placing the order.

1) Add the item to your shopping cart and click on “View Cart”.
2) If you see crop lines on your image, click on Edit Crop to adjust and save the desired crop
3) After you place your order, I will edit any cropping that has been overlooked before your order goes into production.


pixieset icon1
1. If you have already paid for the right to your images, you can download them right away!  When you are ready to download your files, hit the Download button. You will be taken to a screen like this:
2. Enter your email and 4-digit pin provided to download the entire gallery, or your favorite’s folder.
3. Choose what size you would like the image to download as. The choices are Web Size – perfect for sharing on social media! Or High Resolution – for printing large files! I suggest High Resolution. Once you’ve decided which size you’d like, click Download!
4. Now wait. You will receive an email with the download link.
5. Once you’ve received your email from the email address you provided, it will tell you to go to this screen. Hit download, and your files should be save in your downloads folder as a “zipped” file.
If you are on a mac, double click on it to open the file.
If you are on a PC, and do not know how to open the zipped file, click here for further instructions.

All tutorial images are provided by Pixieset